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Touching Toe


They’re great for working out your lower abs, which are one of the trickier places to work on. They exercise your hip flexors as well.

How to perform them: Lift both legs up until they form a 90-degree angle with your torso while keeping your back firmly planted on your training mat. Lift them back up after lowering them once more until they are almost touching the ground. To avoid overriding your back, you might want to put your hands under your lower back.

To gain strength if exercising both legs simultaneously is too difficult, try performing alternating legs.

They are excellent for targeting your upper abs and require a lot of effort to perform.

Laying on the floor with your legs straight up in the air and at a 90-degree angle to your body is how to perform them. Touch your toes while reaching up, then descend. As you come back down, keep in mind to keep your abs tight the entire time by not letting them entirely relax.

What they’re good for: Planks are excellent for strengthening your lower back and abs. Additionally, you can simultaneously work your arms and shoulders by performing dynamic planks.

How to perform them: When performing a plank, concentrate on maintaining a straight line from your hips to your back. Straighten your left arm after starting the plank on your forearms. Straighten your right arm after that, then lower your left arm before your right. Continue alternating throughout the exercise, starting again with your right arm this time.

What they’re good for: These work your glutes and abs as well as your lower back.

How to perform them: Get down on all fours and extend your left leg so that it is directly behind you. Reintroduce it after that. For the entire minute, repeat on the opposite side and alternate. These workouts need to be done slowly and under supervision.

What they’re good for: It’s simple to rely on momentum when performing standard sit-ups. However, you can avoid that temptation by performing reverse sit-ups. Instead, reverse crunches emphasise developing control and strength.

Sit upright on the workout mat with your back straight to perform them. Maintaining a straight back, lean back and steadily lower yourself until you are resting flat. Your knees will remain bent. Regain your seat and begin again.

What they’re excellent for: Between sessions, these are great for stretching out your abs and working your lower back.

Lay face down on the gym mat and raise your hands to your head to perform them. As you ascend, lift your torso off the ground and squeeze your shoulders together. Then, let go again so you can restart.

You can elevate your upper body and both of your legs at the same time to make this workout more challenging.

What they’re good for – Gaining muscle definition on your upper abdominal muscles. Although crunches aren’t always the finest exercise for developing core strength, they’ll make sure that your upper abs soon become noticeable. For a more varied exercise, try turning while performing crunches.

How to perform them: Lie on your back with your knees bent, legs raised in the air, and lower legs parallel to the floor. Simply lunge upward, forcing your head up towards your legs while holding your hands behind your head. Your abs should start to burn nearly instantly.

They’re great for – These are great ab exercises to do, and they’re especially good because you have to maintain tension in your abs throughout the entire set.

Lie on the ground and raise your knees to perform them. With your right hand, touch your right heel; then, with your left hand, touch your left heel. Continue for the entire minute.

What they’re good for – these are a great all-rounder and are perfect for working the sides of your abs. 

How to do them – lie flat on the mat and bring your hands up to the sides of your head. Bring your right elbow up and as you do, crunch your left knee into your chest. Push up to touch your left knee with your right elbow. Then relax back down. Do the same on the other side and keep alternating for the full minute. 

What they’re good for: Because you should maintain your muscles stiff the entire time, this is another excellent workout for getting a burn. They work very well to target your lower abs.

Lay flat on the mat with your legs straight to perform them. As you perform the exercise, place your hands beneath your lower back and maintain a straight spine. Your legs should be raised so they are around 45 degrees away from your body. Your right leg should cross over your left leg when you spread your feet apart and then bring them back together. Once more spreading them apart, bring them back together with your left leg on top. Continue for the entire minute.

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